Use our free Mothering Sunday resources to celebrate everyone who cares for us.

Mothering Sunday - Celebrate Mother's Day 2015

Mothering Sunday is on 15 March. Our free Mothering Sunday resources offer all age service ideas, crafts, sermons and prayers for churches and schools. 

These are based on the powerful gospel passage where Jesus from the cross tells John ‘this is your mother’ and tells Mary ‘this is your son’. They suggest ways to think about how we might all parent those children and young people for whom family life is difficult, poverty has a real impact or where abuse or neglect affect every aspect of their existence.

Mothering Sunday resources

You can download all of the resources as one pdf for easy printing, or individually:

Our Lent resources

We've got lots of other resources to inspire and challenge you this Lent. Our BenevoLent tool offers an interactive way for you to make a difference with your Lenten sacrifice. We're also offering Lent takeaway sheets offering suggestions for prayer, action and reflection on the Lenten gospel passages.

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