We tell parliamentarians - members of parliament (MPs) and peers - what children and young people want and what they think about their lives.

We also try to change the government's laws and policies so that they are better for children and young people.

We do this by giving information to parliamentarians, committees and all party parliamentary groups. We often ask MPs and peers to ask the government questions about what they are doing for children and young people and how new laws will impact on the well-being and rights of children and young people. We also meet and talk to MPs and peers about new and old laws and arrange for young people to meet with MPs and ministers.

man looking back towards children

To make sure that parliamentarians and the government listen to what we have to say, we often work with other organisations that also speak out for children and young people.

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Many of the words we use to talk about our work in parliament can be quite unusual. If you want an explanation of how parliament works or what an MP or all party parliamentary group is, please visit our glossary of parliamentary terms.

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