What we do 

Safe in Essex is a pilot scheme providing awareness and intervention options for children and young people. Specifically targeting those who are runaways, persistently absconding from care or truant from education, sexually exploited or engaged in risky sexual behaviour, experiencing domestic and relationship violence. The project aims to develop informative resources for professionals and parents/carers and to reduce the risk taking behaviours by children and young people and improve their future outcomes. 

How we do it 

Safe in Essex operates in the West and South West of the county and is mobile across these districts providing the following elements:


  • Volunteer recruitment and training 
  • Project and referral promotion amongst key partners 
  • Care co-ordination role for clients 
  • Delivery of a Risky Behaviour Programme for those aged 11-16 years 
  • Provision of a Safe Friends scheme, with trained, supervised volunteer mentors 
  • Facilitation and access to healthy, age and risk appropriate activities for children and young people and their families 
  • Communities of Practice forum to share expertise, resources and best practice 
  • Young people’s participation and engagement in youth forums


Our partnerships 

Safe in Essex is building relationships with key strategic partners, and referral pathways with other universal and targeted services. It targets specific vulnerable groups identified to be at greater risk. 

Our team supports as many young people as possible by working alongside other agencies, groups and projects, including:

  • Youth Offending Teams 
  • Social Care 
  • Women’s refuges 
  • Schools 
  • CAMHS 
  • GUM clinics 
  • Alternative Education providers 
  • Integrated Youth Services


Referrals are accepted from any agency and/or individual working with a child, young person or family. 

To make a referral please complete this form.


Contact details 

Essex Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Service 

114 Springfield Road 


Essex CM2 6LF 

Phone 01245 493 311 

Fax 01245 491 400 

Email: eypdas@childrenssociety.org.uk 

Website: www.eypdas.org.uk