Lucy Capron, Senior Local Public Affairs Officer

Lucy Capron
Lucy leads on building relationships with and influencing local decision makers, including local authorities, police and crime commissioners, and local partners. Prior to joining us she worked for two local councils.
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Summer budget: Condemning low-income working families to poverty?

Today, the Government will announce £12bn in cuts from the welfare budget. A cut to child tax credits, a vital form of support that helps families in the transition to work and lifts them out of poverty, is among the possible cuts.

8 Jul 2015
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Families are big winners from £74m for Local Welfare Assistance schemes

After months of campaigning, an extra £74m of funding has been awarded to councils to provide a vital safety net for families and vulnerable residents.

4 Feb 2015
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Confusing data laws are blocking support for children in early years

More than half of local authorities are not providing vital data with children's centres

18 Jul 2014
Impoverished child in a cold home

Together, we can influence the government's child poverty strategy

Discover how to take action and make sure the government hears our ideas and concerns about the Child Poverty Strategy

25 Jun 2014
a child and a worker at our children's centres

Watch this: Helping families, tackling poverty in the West Midlands

Our new Children and Family Zone is a community-led model that focuses on long-term investment in order to achieve change

9 Apr 2014
a young person and one of our project workers meet with councillor Sheila Newman

'Listening to kids so they have a voice is really important'

A young person we work with and our project workers meet a Manchester leader to discuss the need for supporting young people

3 Mar 2014