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What we're doing for children and young people

28 Aug 2013

What kind of work do we do and what has our progress been? Have a look at some of our programmes, a comprehensive look at our work and a young man's story

Welcome to Voice: An introduction by our Chief Executive

28 Aug 2013

Our Chief Executive, Matthew Reed, introduces the first issue of our new magazine

The way I see it: Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner

28 Aug 2013

Dr Maggie Atkinson, the Children's Commissioner for England, begins our 'The way I see it' series, which highlights a prominent person's opinion

Taking a break at the Young Carers' Festival

28 Aug 2013

The Young Carers' Festival is a chance for young people to enjoy being young - we summarise the festival and a young carer shares her experience

Shop 'til you drop: A look at all of our retail options

28 Aug 2013

Who needs an excuse to go shopping when we can offer you so many different options? Here's a round up of our variety of retail therapies

Now and then: Featuring our fantastic supporters

28 Aug 2013

We have fantastic supporters. Here are just a few of their recent activities, and information about what you can look forward to

News round-up

28 Aug 2013

We're sharing a wide collection of stories from across our organisation

My story: Melissa, a young carer

1 Aug 2013

Melissa, a 16-year-old young carer, talks about her caring responsibilities and what it means to be a Young Carers in Focus Champion

All things Christmas

28 Aug 2013

Have a look at some of our great fundraising ideas for the festive season

A day in the life of... Melissa, volunteer in Tees Valley

28 Aug 2013

A volunteer at one of our programmes, Melissa, provides one-to-one mentoring for a young person in Tees Valley. Here, she shares one of her days with us